Welcome to the New Zealand Catholic Primary Principals Assocation


To support principals in the delivery of quality Catholic Education to students in Aotearoa New Zealand Catholic Primary Schools.


  • Support Catholic Principals.
  • Develop and maintain the Special Character of Catholic Schools
  • Establish communication links through:
    • N.Z. Catholic Principals' Association Newsletter.
    • Meetings of Executive Members of the Association with Diocesan Associations.
    • Special General Meetings and Conferences.
    • The Annual General Meeting of the Association.
  • Advocacy through contact with:
    • N.Z. Catholic Education Office.
    • N.Z. Council of Proprietors of Catholic Integrated Schools.
    • National Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools.
    • School Trustees Association.
    • Principals' Advisory Committees.
    • N.Z.E.I
    • Education Review Office.
    • Ministry of Education.
    • Australian Catholic Principals' Association.
    • International Catholic Principals' Association.
    • Public comment and critique through the media.