New Zealand Catholic Primary Principals’ Association

Furnware Travelling Scholarship 

Furnware Scholarship Application Form... 


The New Zealand Catholic Primary Principals Association invites applications for the NZCPPA Furnware Scholarship.

There is one scholarship to the value of $2000.

Applications close at 3pm on Friday 25th OCTOBER 2019.


  1. The award will be known as the NZCPPA Furnware Travelling Scholarship ($2000).
  2. The Furnware Travelling Scholarship is open only to principals of Catholic primary schools in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
  3. Applications for the Travelling Scholarship must be made in writing, on the form provided on the NZCPPA website, accompanied by an outline of the proposal, and must be received by the date indicated on the NZCPPA Website to the Executive Member with responsibility for awards and scholarships as per application forms and website.
  4. A sub-committee will consider the applications. The successful applicants will be confirmed at the following executive meeting and notified in writing. Notification to the membership will be on the NZCPPA website and via the Executive Meeting ‘Snippets’.
  5. Payment of the award will be paid directly to the recipient.
  6. Applicants must understand that the Travelling Scholarship is for the following year, however, under certain circumstances the scholarship may be held over for one year. Both successful and unsuccessful applicants are free to apply in future years.
  7. The successful applicants will be expected to provide a written report to the executive member with responsibility for awards and scholarships, for publication on the NZCPPA website, within the calendar year that award is received.


Topics should be relevant to the special character of our schools and Catholic Education. 

Priority will be given to topics not recently covered by recipients of previous awards, although different angles on similar topics would be considered.

The recipient of the scholarship needs to be of good character and must represent NZCPPA, Catholic Schools, NZ Education and our sponsors in a professional manner.

The Award recipient must complete the study within the given time frame.

The Award recipient will be required to share information relevant to their findings. 


If applicants need to apply to their Board of Trustees for leave, in order to undertake this study, the leave must be pre-approved so that the award can be utilised.

All aspects of leave on full salary during the period of study are the responsibility of the award holder and his/her Board.